Tips for Hosting a Neighborhood Block Party

Rent a tent to provide shade and shelter
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Aug 22, 2022

A block party can be a fantastic way for everyone in your neighborhood to hang out and get to know one another. Whether your party is in celebration of a special occasion or is a simple meet and greet, following these tips can help you to host a party that your neighbors won’t forget.

Rent an Event Tent

a block party with a rented event tent

Block parties have to be planned ahead of time. There are permits to obtain and lots of people to invite. This means that when you choose the date, you might not have any idea what the weather will be like. If you rent an event tent, you can hold the block party even if it’s raining. A tent also provides a shady place for people to cool down if it’s a particularly hot day.

How Can an Event Tent Benefit a Block Party?

You could rent a few smaller tents for specific purposes, such as to hold electronics or food. Another option is to rent a large enough tent for the entire event. Then no one can get rained out and the party can go on whatever the weather.

Make Sure You Have All the Permits

Block parties typically require permits to be considered legal. When you’re planning your party, make sure that you check with City Hall to make sure that you have applied for all of the permits you need. The last thing you want is for your block party to get shut down because you didn’t get all the paperwork in order ahead of time.

Make It a Potluck

neighbors at a block party eating at a table

Feeding the number of people a block party involves is a tall order. However, you can enlist your invitees’ help in making it a block party to remember. Create a sign-up sheet and ask people to bring something to share with everyone else. That way, everyone is guaranteed to have food and beverages that they like and you don’t have to worry about feeding as many people. It’s a good idea to have some food provided as well, but asking guests to bring something will help take the pressure off.

Rent Portable Toilets

If your block party is limited to only those who live in the nearby houses, then you may be able to plan on people going home to use the bathroom. However, if people are allowed to bring guests or the party is open to the whole neighborhood, people may be too far from their own homes. In that case, you’ll need somewhere for people who don’t live nearby and rented portable bathrooms can easily do the job.

Plan Entertainment Options

While one of the purposes of a block party is for neighbors to meet and get to know each other, you can’t rely on conversation alone. Especially if there are children, it’s a good idea to make sure there’s plenty of entertainment. Outdoor games and music are great choices that can give people of all ages something to do.

Make Sure There’s Plenty of Water

Kids dressed in costumes drinking water from a bottle on a hot day

If your block party is held on a hot day, it’s important for everyone to stay hydrated. Provide water for everyone so that no one gets heat stroke or dehydrated. You should also make sure that there’s water available for any pets that your guests bring.

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