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Oh where to start….. In February 2020 iRent has taken to new heights. We have serviced over 50 events and experienced a 35% increase in sales from last year. We were able to service a few new customers and meet some really amazing guests along the way. This February on the 29th our team was excited to set up our first tent on the DeazerLand Property in Orlando.

DeazerLand is going to be a full packed action park with one of the largest arcades in the area, It will include the longest indoor go karting track and an absolutely amazing collection of cars! Some cars are unique because of their age and year that they were made and some cars are unique because they are truly one of a kind. They have cars that have starred in movies such as Batman and my all time favorite, Dukes of Hazzard!

In the weeks to come we are thrilled and full of anticipation to welcome a few new team members! We are adding to our warehouse team by adding a full time Warehouse manager and a full time assistant warehouse manager. These roles are vital to the success of our business because the warehouse is the heart of our whole operation. As the years have passed, we have learned that if the warehouse iis not organized, we can not service our customers well.

At iRent we value our customers to the fullest. They mean everything and they are at the center of our focus from the first time that we meet to the actual event day and even afterwards for feedback. To better serve our customers with efficiency and productivity, have also added a full time warehouse carpenter.

You may be wondering how a carpenter would be needed in this industry…A carpenter is an amazing asset because we can now build to fulfill our customers/ vision, instead of trying to sell them something that looks “close” to what they wanted but not exact, Something that was learned this month at the WeddingPro Event, hosted by the Knot, is that in Orlando there are 19,950 weddings alone (not counting corporate events). Our goal as a company is to ideally be able to create 19,950 unique experiences. It’s amazing the things a creative entrepreneur mind can dream up, and how having the right resources can empower us to fully carry those dreams out. We are 4 years into this business and have learned so much , and truly cannot wait to take you along our journey for the next 4!

The next 3 months historically are some of the busiest months in our industry (next to the holiday season). Be sure to check out our Podcast on iRentEverything.com/podcast

Thanks for joining us 🙂
Jonathan P

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