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Fair Grounds Tent Rental

Provide a festive fair experience for all attendees to enjoy. The iRentEverything team can help create a fair structure with all the essentials from tents, tables, and seating.

Fair Supplies Made Simple

Everything You Need for Fair Grounds

Outdoor fair events can be fun for the whole family. Holding a fair outside with amusement rides, games, fried foods, and sugary slushies can be an excellent way to create and build community enjoyment no matter if it’s in the summer or winter. Rental tents and other supplies can create a space for all the fair vendors to set up their food and drink stations, game displays, gift shops, and more.


Fair Ground Flooring

For a fair, flooring can help to provide a sturdy place for different fair activities, including ride setups, restrooms, food stands, first-aid rooms, and more.

Tent with Ramps


Ramps will also be a necessity for fairs for ADA compliance. Ramps help to ensure that everyone can reach ride lines or any part of the fairground setup that will be elevated.

Any Size Tent

Event Tents

Tents will be needed for a fair to ensure vendor stations are covered and stay secure no matter what the weather is. iRentEverything has a variety of event tent types and sizes to make outdoor events simple.

Choose the Right Event Tent for Your Fair

We offer three different types of rental event tent:

  • Pole tent
  • Frame tent
  • Structure tent

Our tents can hose big game facilities, small food vendors, or even large food and drink halls all set up outside for the fair.

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Other Fair Ground Supplies

The base of any fair structure will need flooring, ramps, and tents, but a successful fair will also need a host of other supplies to liven up the environment. Entertainment is made festive at fairs with good food, games, lighting, sound, and fun decorations that everyone can enjoy. iRentEverything can bring more supplies alongside the tents to bring the whole event together.

Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Any fair needs some carnival games set up inside the tents. Ring-tossing, darts, whack-a-mole, you name it. We can help provide some game supplies to help complete some of the entertainment needed for the fair.



Bright lights and fun colors can bring a fair to life. Our team of event specialists can provide some LED lights or other garden lights to liven up evening fairground setups. Having lighting prepared is important for when the fair continues into the evening.

Culinary Equipment

Culinary Equipment

For food service vendors at the fair, burners or stoves can be provided. These temporary food setups can help food suppliers set up a workstation quickly so fair attendees don’t go hungry.

A/V Equipment

A/V Equipment

If there are going to be any stage performances at the fair, A/V equipment will be necessary for full-service sound or visual effects. iRentEverything can help supply and set up A/V equipment for whichever entertainment services you plan on having during the fair.

Linens and Fair Decorations

Linens and Fair Decorations

Other supplies that our team of event experts can help with include fair decorations and table linens. Linens will give tables a clean look, and even make cleaning up after the fair a breeze. Extra fair decorations can also be provided to add some fun to the overall fairground decor.

Efficient Delivery

Fair Ground Event Tent Rental Services

We don’t only rent out tents, the iRentEverything team also is there to set them up and tear them down after the fair is over. Let the experts take the lead and do the hard labor for you and the other fair staff.

Event Tent Rental Delivery

Event Tent Rental Delivery

Don’t worry about hauling all of the many tents you’ll need to the fairgrounds. We’ll bring however many tents you need straight to your preferred event location. Tents, decorations, lighting, and whatever supplies you request we’ll bring.

Rental Tent Setup

Rental Tent Setup

Our team of professionals is there to set up the equipment efficiently for your fair. Setting up equipment can be complicated if you’ve never done it before, so our team will come and set it up for you.

Tent Teardown

Tent Teardown

When the fair is over, the iRentEverything staff will tear down all the equipment and tents we provided for you. With all of the moving pieces that it takes the run a fair, teardown can be taken off of your plate and given to us.

Rental Tent Takeaway

Rental Tent Takeaway

Once everything is torn down after the fair, we’ll return all of the supplies that were rented. You won’t need to worry about returning all of the items to a facility, and instead leave it to us to take it away from the fairground.

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