How a Tent Can Enhance a Corporate Event

Tents can help break up the space at your corporate event, provide shelter from the rain and sun, and allow you to easily track attendance.
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Nov 21, 2022

You can make your corporate event even more professional and successful with a tent rental. Corporate events — from conferences to networking hours to award ceremonies — can benefit from an outdoor tent. Tents let you bring more guests outdoors and shelter them from both sun and rain. Renting a tent is also perfect for companies who do not want to permanently store a large tent on their premises.

Why Tents Can Help Corporate Events

There are many reasons why tents can help bring your corporate event to the next level, including increasing the size of the venue and blocking unwanted weather. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a tent rental for your next corporate event.

A white outdoor tent on a grassy area with white chairs in rows facing in the same direction.

Increase the Area Your Guests Can Use

The venue is one of the most important parts of your event. Whether you choose to hold the event completely outside or partially outside, a tent can be helpful. If you have an indoor portion of your venue, a tent can help make the outdoor portion of the event more inviting and comfortable, plus add more usable room. If your event is completely outdoors, a tent can help break up the outdoor space into sections. For example, you could put a stage and seating under a tent but have refreshments elsewhere.

Interior of an outdoor tent with a grass floor, cocktail tables, and string lights.

Extend Outdoor Events Into the Winter Months

If you want or need to hold your corporate event outdoors but are afraid of the cold weather, a tent can also be helpful. Tents with sidewalls can be heated to create a warm room-like space. This is especially beneficial if you live in an area with unpredictable weather or if you want to hold your event at night.

Keep Your Event On Rain or Shine

Corporate events are typically planned far in the future when you don’t know what the weather will look like on a particular day. A tent can help you make the most out of your day even if it does end up raining. You can choose thick and waterproof tent options for your rental to ensure the rain does not put a damper on your corporate event. On the other hand, tents can also shield the sun on very hot, sunny days. Shade is vital if your event is on asphalt or in direct sunlight.

An outdoor tent containing white chairs around circular tables, ceiling chandeliers, and space heaters.

Create a Seating Area

Sometimes, having corporate events outside can mean lots of standing around in small circles. If you want your event to be a bit more structured, a tent can become the perfect place for seating arrangements. You can bring in tables if you want your guests to eat or gather around in groups during a presentation or activity.

Tents Can Provide Shelter for Caterers

If you’re having a company cater your event, a tent can provide great shelter for the catering company. Keeping the food out of the elements is a great idea, especially if you’re serving buffet-style. Guests can enter the tent when they’re ready for food, and caterers can set up everything they need in one easy spot.

The interior of a walled tent with long tables covered in blue gingham tablecloths.

Tents Provide More Room to Decorate

Tents are easy to decorate and are essentially a blank slate. You can hang your company’s logo up, string balloons, or hang lanterns to give the tent a fun and unique vibe that your guests will automatically align with your company.

Break Up The Event Into Activity Sections

If you want to have different activities at your events, such as networking, games, or team-building exercises, having multiple different tents is a great option. It helps break up the outdoor space and makes the guests feel like they’re in their own little group and area when they’re under their respective tents.

An outdoor white tent on a grassy area outside a building and stone walkway.

Tents Make It Easy To Sign In and Count Attendance

By using one tent for entering and exiting your corporate event, you can easily have people sign in and out. This way, you can track attendance, which can be helpful for planning follow-up events or posting details of the event on social media. Entering and exiting through a tent is much easier than having people walk in from lots of different places and losing track of a headcount.

Tent Rentals Give You One Less Thing to Worry About

You have enough on your plate with everything else that goes into planning your event. The last thing you want to have to worry about is putting up a tent and taking it down or leaving your guests out in the rain or the hot sun. Choosing a white glove delivery service will take one more thing off your to-do list and give you peace of mind.

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