What You Need to Rent for an Outdoor Wedding

A tent will keep your guests protected from both rain and sun
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Oct 2, 2023

There’s a reason outdoor weddings are so popular. You can choose beautiful scenery, such as a lake, the ocean, or mountains, as the backdrop for your special day. Plus, if you time your wedding correctly, you can even incorporate the sunset into your ceremony. To make your outdoor wedding perfect, however, there are certain things you’ll need to rent.


A Tent

The weather can be unpredictable, which can make planning an outdoor wedding stressful. Renting a tent can help to alleviate that stress because no matter what the weather is like, the tent can help to protect your guests, whether it’s from the rain or the sun. A structured tent with walls can also keep out insects and regulate the temperature so guests aren’t too hot or too cold. A larger tent can be the perfect location for the reception and it can also function as a backup location for the wedding ceremony itself if the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Tables and Chairs

an outdoor wedding with rows of chairs waiting for guests

Next on the list is tables and chairs. Seating is a must during the ceremony and the reception, but there are other seating and table needs beyond those. For example, if you’ve hired musicians, they’ll need chairs. Tables will be needed for cards and gifts, the cake, and favors for the guests. You’ll also need tables for dinner during the reception, both for your guests and to hold the food if you’re offering a buffet.



If you’re planning to feed your guests during the reception, you’ll need something for them to eat with. Unless you’re having a small wedding in your own backyard, you may not own enough plates and silverware for everyone. You’ll also need glasses, as well as dishes to use for serving the food. Your catering company may supply some of these things, so it’s important to communicate clearly with them so that everyone has everything that they need.



Tablecloths and linens are useful for during the meal, but they’re also a major part of the decor. You can choose a color and style that matches your wedding colors and decorations. Depending on the chairs you’ve chosen, you may also want cloth chair coverings.



a table at a wedding decorated with flowers and laid with silverware and linens

Flowers are popular decorations for weddings for a reason. They’re beautiful and can come in a variety of colors and arrangements. Depending on your chosen outdoor location, there may already be flowers planted nearby, but you’ll most likely still want flowers to be a part of your decor. Talk to your florist about what you’ll need to rent to support the floral decorations. They may have vases and stands that can be used to display your flowers to their best effect.


A Dance Floor

With an indoor wedding, a dance floor is typically already included. You’re not out of luck with your outdoor venue, however. You can rent a dance floor if there isn’t one already at your venue. Typically, they’re made of wood, but other materials are also available. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll need to calculate how large a dance floor you need. Assume that around half the guests will dance at a time and then from there, calculate four and a half feet per guest.

A dance floor can fit underneath a large tent for an outdoor wedding. That way, you and your guests can have a fantastic time dancing at your reception without having to worry about the possibility of rain.



a groom speaking into a microphone at an outdoor wedding ceremony

For an outdoor venue, you’ll need to make sure that electricity is available. Unless your wedding is in the morning, electricity will be needed to power the lights. Your caterers may also need electricity to cook and bake the food for the reception. You may have speakers for the music and microphones for an MC or guests giving speeches as well. If your tent has heating or fans to control the temperature, that system will also need to use electricity.


Bathroom Access

An outdoor venue may or may not have easy access to restrooms. If your chosen outdoor location doesn’t have convenient bathrooms for your guests, you’ll have to rent something for your guests (and yourself!) to use. A good option is to rent a restroom trailer because it’s nicer than portable toilets.

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