Do You Need Sidewalls for Your Tent?

Sidewalls can protect you from the weather and regulate the temperature inside the tent
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Aug 15, 2022

Sidewalls for your tent aren’t necessarily a requirement, depending on your event. However, there are a lot of benefits to having them that could make your guests more comfortable.

What Are Tent Sidewalls?

Sidewalls are panels that can be attached to the frame of the tent to form walls. They’re optional, but they can help to keep guests protected from the weather.

When Do You Need Sidewalls for Your Tent?

a farmer’s market with tents covering the stalls

In some cases where guests are going to be in and out of the tent throughout the event and won’t be staying, you may not need sidewalls. In fact, sidewalls may be more of a nuisance in a case like that. For example, if the tent is being used for registration or for selling something. However, in all other cases, sidewalls can only benefit your event.

Why Do You Need Sidewalls for Your Tent?

There are many reasons to include sidewalls when you rent an event tent. For starters, they can help protect against the weather.


Sidewalls Can Help Protect Against Weather

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The top of a tent does offer some protection against the weather, but not all weather comes from above. Rain can get in from the sides or could drip in from the top of the tent. Plus, sidewalls can help to regulate the temperature within the tent.


Sidewalls Can Protect Against the Wind

Even on nice days, the wind can wreak havoc. Papers could get blown around, and guests’ hair and clothing mussed. Even if a day is calm when it starts, there’s no guarantee that the wind won’t make a mess of things later on. It’s better to have sidewalls ready for any eventuality.


Sidewalls Can Keep out Insects

Unless your event is in the winter, you may find that insects want to be a part of the action. Sidewalls can help keep the bugs out and away from your guests and any food or drinks that you may have.


Sidewalls Can Regulate the Air Temperature

Sidewalls can help to keep cool or warm air within the tent. If you have an event in the summer, you can air condition the tent to make it more comfortable and the sidewalls will help to keep that cool air in and the hot summer air out. If your event is in winter, then you can do the same with heating. The sidewalls will keep the tent warm while the cold air remains outside.


Sidewalls Can Ensure Year-Round Events

You might think that you can’t hold an outdoor event in the winter, but sidewalls mean that you can have a summer event outdoors at any time of year. You can keep a tent air-conditioned or heated as necessary, no matter when your event is or what the weather is like. The sidewalls can help to regulate the temperatures inside the tent to keep everyone comfortable throughout the year.


Sidewalls Offer Privacy

a large party tent with sidewalls and an entryway

If you’d rather not have everyone passing by able to see into what’s going on under your tent, sidewalls can offer you the privacy you want. Sidewalls can include windows or even doors as desired, but any kind of sidewall can clearly delineate the inside of the tent from the outside.

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