Why a Tent Is a Must for Any Military Base Camp

Military base camps require immediate shelter that tents can provide
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Sep 19, 2022

Military base camps provide shelter for military members when they have to travel outside of a major fort or installation for training or operations. Tents are the perfect way to temporarily house hundreds of troops safely and quickly, whether it’s for normal operations or for an emergency situation.

Large white tents with glass doors sit on a dark field.

What Is a Military Base Camp?

A military base camp is a semi-permanent military base for the lodging of any army. They’ve been present throughout history, but in the past were often made up of a large number of small tents throughout a large area. Today, we can use large tents to provide shelter and services to the army while away from the base.

Why Do Military Base Camps Need Tents?

Without tents, military base camps would operate completely open to the elements, or the military would require a contractor to build expensive, semi-permanent structures. Here are a few reasons why tents are the best choice for military base camps.

Reason #1

Tents Can Provide Shelter From the Sun

Base camps can often be located in large open areas without much shelter from the sun. Regardless if an army is operating in cold or hot conditions, the sun can be brutal and can cause burns and dehydration. Tents offer the first line of defense from the sun.

A makeshift doctors' bed set up in a military tent.

Reason #2

Tents Can Be Climate-Controlled

In addition to offering protection from the sun, large tents with walls can be climate-controlled to suit the conditions. You can add heating in colder climates or air-conditioning in hot climates to give troops a break from the harsh outdoor conditions.

Reason #3

Tents Can Provide a Place For Troops To Sleep

Typically, troops stay at military base camps for at least a few days while they are away from their home camps. A tent can be used as sleeping quarters. A large tent can house several dozen cots and give troops a safe place to spend the night.

Construction team members set up a large, open, white tent on pavement.

Reason #4

Using Tents Can Help Divide the Base Camp

Tents can house essential services for troops besides just sleeping quarters. When a military base camp has several tents, they can be used for several different purposes. This can keep the base camp orderly and ensure troops have everything they need. These purposes include:

  • Kitchen
  • First aid
  • Storage
  • Triage
  • Shower & latrine
  • Recreation

Reason #5

Tents Can Be Set Up Quickly

Because military base camps are semi-permanent sites, they need to be able to go up quickly and be taken down quickly when troops need to move on or go back to their base. Many tents can go up in just a couple of hours.

Reason #6

Tents Can Fold Down Into Small Packages

If troops need to travel between several military base camps, tents can come with them due to their portability. When taken down, large tents can be condensed into much smaller packages that allow them to be transported easily.

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